Ghosts & Liars


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released March 15, 2013

Pinn Panelle is:
Derek Song - vocals & guitar
Justin Conway - drums

Alex Prieto - drums and guitar engineering, mixing
Andrew Kline - digital editing
Andy VanDette - audio mastering
Kyle Armillotti - vocal production on tracks 2, 4, 7, and 8
Zak Jablow at Fox & The Mule Studios - vocal engineering
Jeremiah Louf - art direction & album design
Michael Coppola - album art model

Pinn Panelle would like to collectively thank:
Our sponsors Ableton Live, Moog, Source Audio, Dark Angel Drums, Turkish Cymbals, Ashdown Bass Amplification, Rocktron, Spector Basses, and Road Ready for helping us make our music possible. Thank you Scott Riebling. Thank you Bruce and Bernadette Muncy of TRO Jung|Brannen for helping us make our album artwork concept a reality. Thank you Johnson Le for your awesome t-shirt design skills. Marcus and Holly Moore for their hospitality and unbelievable support. Thank you Tommy Lee for tweeting one of our online videos and thank you to your manager, Rick Canny for getting us to hang out back stage with Feed Me, Sofi, and DJ Aero. Thanks to Chris Dingman and Nate Barsanti for all the times you've helped us pursue our dreams. Thank you to Zakiyah Rodriguez Sidri for starting the Pinn Panelle Philippines fan club. A huge thank you goes out to every single person that donated to our kickstarter, you all have helped us beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. We're so humbled and grateful for what each of you has done for us and we will never forget it. Special thanks to Lisa and Gene Wunderlich, John Hall, and Antoinette Turcotte for their incredible contribution. To all of our fans around the world, we love you.

Pinn Panelle

All songs and lyrics written and produced by Derek Song. “Glocks In The Air” co-written with Jonah Wei-Hass, & Nathan Navarro and “Talk To Me” co-written with Nathan Navarro. All bass guitar by Nathan Navarro. All keyboards by Jonah Wei-Hass.


all rights reserved



PINN PANELLE Chicago, Illinois

Digibeats, expansive sounds, epic strings, and snarling distorted synths + musicians-turned-electronic sound designers = Pinn Panelle. WEPLAYEPICMUSIC.

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Track Name: Face Stealer
Get, there’s nothing I don't work hard to get
And everyone that I've met
Thinks I'm a success
But when my paycheck's less
I don't get upset

But you, you've got some things that I'll never have
It cuts my heart in half
It's in the way you stand
And how they love your laugh
How you enchant
It's like they're in a trance

When I look up and I see your face
I feel something that I can't explain
When I look up and I see your face
I consider stealing it away and using it for myself

Night, I'll be the party's life every night
The one they always invite
The one in the spotlight
The one the ladies like
And I'll even have your wife
When I live your life
Track Name: Sucker Punch
Funny how pretending takes its toll
You wanted love when you really need control
I know you're scared to lose
The ones you always abuse
I think it's time for you to choose

You can stand where you are folding your arms
While everyone sees that you’re lying
And you can wait by the phone choose to be alone
Give up the fear you’re denying
Cause you have nowhere to go

Talk yourself up, and try to hide your face
Said you make a great friend, but you push all yours away
I know you’re insecure
I’ve seen that look before
Can’t keep this going anymore
Track Name: Ghosts & Liars
From the day when we were born till when we lie in our graves
We were made for no surrender, we won't fade away
Though plagued with loss and flaws beneath we
Ghosts and liars will be free

So you've failed all your life every opportunity
You have slipped and you have faltered crawled in agony
But now we stand as family we
Ghosts and liars will be free

I thought I was all alone, gave up hope and all my dreams
It's not easy being someone I don't want to be
In need of friends who can come to me, saying
Ghosts and liars will be free
Track Name: Playing With Matches
I love you and yet
I couldn't care less
You’re doused in gas
I’m playing with matches

I’ll be the one you run to
Pretending everything’s okay
You can’t see under the surface
I’m your worst enemy

No not stepping down until
I have it all way
Even if I sell my soul
I won’t let go until you
Give me everything

Lie through my teeth
Your friends join my conspiracy
Spent years by your side, I’ll take what’s mine
Even if it kills me

Now that I’ve taken power
They want me dead and gone
I’m clenching my world together
I can’t trust anyone
Track Name: Talk To Me
My stomach twists in knots inside my hands are shaking
Can't help but have it bundled in my brain
The things I'm so addicted to keeping a secret
Are things I wish I could just tell you straight

You'll be in my head staring
Pulling on my mind
Your body talks but you say nothing
Afraid of one more lie

Talk to me, we won't be living with eyes closed, living with eyes closed
Talk to me, I wanna tear off this blind fold, tear off this blind fold

Turn around I feel the tension in and all around me
Your skin your face pressed softly to my chest
Our lips explode faster than either of us wanted
but time forgotten still has me obsessed
distractions still have me obsessed*

I feel my heart beat finally starting
Just long enough to stall
Regretting all the days I was gone

Your eyes look so hollow
Is my love so...
Track Name: Family
I never learned to face the fear when I was lonely
Justified the wrongs and lived with a smile
It was porcelain, cracked and glued together
My heart pounding on the walls deep inside

Time flies until I find it's gone
I will never forget
Love that was wasted on myself

I know where my heart is
I found it in you
There's more of you to see
And no more of me

I didn't have someone to call on*
I only pleased myself no one else/
It’s the flaws that make perfection/
To free me from my private hell

Time flies until I find it's gone*
I will never forget
When love was wasted only on myself

I know where my heart is
I found it in you
There's more of you to see
And no more of me

Cut this cycle, make me new, bring me back to you we'll be entwined
Track Name: All At Once
Do you remember way back
When we were boys?
Seemed like there were no problems
Small town in Illinois

Dad could stand her no longer
We ran to our rooms
Since then we looked out for each other
There was so much, to lose

Feel the walls build around me
So that no one will know
Separating my conscience
My good side lets go

Been a victim made mistakes
This time I built my fortress
I won't let it gather underneath my skin
Try and take the flame away
This time I built my fortress
No you won't be living underneath my skin